port wine sippers in actionWherever people enjoy drinking wine, someone will have devised, invented or come up with a new gimmick.

Port Wine Sippers are one such device although some people will argue they have been around for centuries.

Centuries ago there was a ceramic sipping like device called a Schnapps Pfeiffe .

The Argyle Wine Tools Company claim to have invented the glass port wine sipper in the 1970s and manufactured and sold them around the globe.

In the last 40 years, Argyle claim to have sold 2 million sippers in, at the last count, 50 countries worldwide.

So someone is enjoying their port wine through a sipper.


Essentially a wine sipper is a large balloon type glass, which sits on three short glass legs and with a curved glass straw coming out of the base of the glass and heading upwards.

You pick up the glass, sip, then pop the glass back on its wee tripod.

Too simple.


Benefits of Drinking With Port Wine Sippers

Apart from the novelty value, there does appear to be at least two sensible by-products.

With the port wine sitting in the balloon type glass, oxidation is helped along its path.

And if you ever were worried about discoloured teeth thanks to your port wine consumption, that is now a thing of the past.

Your straw does more.


The glass will hold a full 5 oz. pour and there is no risk of spillage thanks to the glass and its straw.

The glass is usually sold as two glasses because it’s believed that sippers stick together.

Nobody likes to sip alone.


The principle hasn’t changed.

Place wine in glass.

Place straw in mouth and drink wine.

It’s pretty simple.


Criticisms of Port Wine

Some drinkers reckon the wine sipper is too fragile and will break at the smallest accident or knock.

It turns out that with sensible handling, as you would with any other type of glass, the wine sipper does the job.

The glass used is scientific glass, the type used in the making of test tubes, and so is strong with a stable base, and is able to handle the odd spot of mishandling.


Some people reckon the whole point of drinking port wine is the pleasure it gives.

How the wine is poured and into what makes not the slightest difference.

All the drinker wants is the pleasure of the port wine.


People who mix their drinks such as a port and tonic and have it on the rocks, will have the benefit of not having to use their nose to ward off sliding ice blocks!


They’re available

The original manufacturer of port wine sippers produce their glasses in 2 pack, 4 pack and 4 pack with a decanter.

Mind you there is an argument which says that a sipper is a decanter of sorts anyway.

Any large liquor store selling drinking accessories may stock them and there is a long list of suppliers online.

Some people have them shipped from overseas.

One man’s silliness is another man’s dedicated drinking device.



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