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Corkpops Refill

It’s ok, I get it.  You have come to completely rely on your amazing Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener.

You’ve marveled at the way it effortlessly opens your wine bottles, you’ve rejoiced at the thought of never having to grind away at a cork every again. You’ve even tossed your old, blunt, tarnished, unloved corkscrew in the trash and never looked back.  

But now, after showing off your clever kitchen gadget to all your friends, popping corks left right and center, (not to mention drunk an inordinate amount of wine in the process) you go to open yet another bottle of your perfectly chilled Sauvignon Blanc, insert the needle, press the button for the cork to pop and nothing happens.

But before you howl with frustration and start hacking away at the neck of your delicious Montoya Cabernet with a bread knife, there is a way!

Cork Pops Refill Canisters pack of 2

With these wonderfully convenient Cork Pops Refill canisters, help is at hand.

The refill canisters come with two per box, so you never need to worry about that crisp white getting warm while you fumble about trying to pull the cork out with a screwdriver ever again!

Each canister is filled with non flammable, safe and highly tested propellant gas allowing for each canister to easily open up to one hundred bottles of wine before needing to be replaced.

The handy design makes these refill canisters almost effortless to replace, simply slide the empty cartridge out of your Cork Pops unit and replace with the new one.

The gas is not only odorless, colorless and tasteless, but also completely safe to use and will not alter the bouquet of the wine in any way allowing you to enjoy glass after glass of your favorite Chateau Leoube Secret Rose.

Corkpops Refills (2) (13238G)


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