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Champagne has always been linked with elegance, extravagance and romance.  

We’ve all seen it.  

Two star crossed lovers sitting opposite each other at their intimate table for two.  

He leans over and pulls the champagne bottle out of the ice bucket at the side of the table.  

He stands, removes the foil, twists the wire and ‘pop’ the cork flies out with a fountain of bubbles ready to pour his paramour a flute full of bubbly. 

What they don’t ever show you is this.  

The man stands, holding the bottle unceremoniously between his legs and tugging relentlessly at the cork as it refuses to come out.  

Then, after 10 minutes of grunting and groaning the cork gives way and either disappears somewhere, breaks off in his hand leaving half of the cork in the neck, or smashes right into his lovers nose.

Not the best way to end a romantic evening is it?

But if they’d have had the Descorjet Champagne Opener then all that could have been avoided.

Simply remove the foil and wire from the bottle exposing the cork, place the Descorjet Champagne Opener over the cork and down on to the neck of the bottle.  

Then squeeze the handle to extract the cork.  

You still get the sexy little pop and the wave of foam, but instead of a wild cork flying around the room ready to do some damage, when you lift the Descorjet from the bottle, the cork will fall out into your hand ready to reseal the bottle to enjoy back at the hotel room later.

A beautifully simple and still dramatic and elegant way to open a bottle of bubbly without the fuss and embarrassment of a cork fiasco but still keeping all the theatrical drama and romance.

Descorjet Champagne Opener (06057G)


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