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Aeration of wine is an important and often overlooked step of pouring the perfect glass of wine.  

Proper aeration and oxygenation is needed to ensure you get a delicious taste of the grape.

When pouring wine, it is important to allow as much air to pass through the flow of wine as possible to create the right taste and aroma of the beverage.  

Often pouring from a greater height into the glass will do the trick, but then you are in danger of splashing and spraying yourself and your dinner guests with wine.  

And no one relishes spilling red wine onto their carpet! 

But there is a solution.

The Nicholas VinOair Aerator allows for the server to pour the perfect, drip free glass of fully aerated wine for maximum flavor and aroma!

Using the Aerator is simple.  

Place the aerator onto the mouth of the open wine bottle and simply pour as normal.  

Thus creating the perfectly oxygenated glass of wine in mere seconds.

This works well with both red and white wine and comes in a handy portable size allowing you to pop it in a bag and take it anywhere you wish.

Nicholas VinOair Aerator (00648G)


In stock. Available online only.