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VinOair Prem Default

Wine Accessory - Nicholas Collection Wine gift set.

VINOAIR is the amalgamation of ingenious design and maximum convenience, an all-in-one on-bottle wine aerator and non-drip pourer.

The vinOair pulls twice the vacuum as the leading venturi aerators to more fully oxygenate your wine (unlocking premium flavors and aromas), while the sleek, compact size makes it effortlessly portable. Simply place the vinOair on the mouth of the bottle and effortlessly pour a glass, without drips or mess when serving and after use.

The design of the vinOair was done to develop a pocket sized aerator that can be easily transported in a travel bar, taken to restaurants, wine tastings, and also be easily carried along with an opener by wait staff.

It isn’t the size of the aerator that determines how effective it is --- its the vacuum pull of the venturi in the aerator that determines the success in opening up wines!

The vinOair Premier also features a travel case for easy and safe storage, a removable sediment filter and a gravity-activated hinged cap.


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