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Best Champagne Bottle Opening Technique

Champagne Opening

Some people describe a bottle of champagne as a loaded gun.

In other words, be careful.

There is a safe way to open the bottle and it’s classy as well.

The right way is also a simple way.

You can use a special tool or your hands.

The following videos show what not to do and importantly, exactly the right and safe way to open that champers.

Make sure the bottle is cold. Place it in a bucket with ice and salt. Dry the bottle thoroughly. Before opening, always point it away from people. Peel away the foil wrapper, then gripping the neck, unwind the wire cage. Place towel or thumb on top of cork. Never pull the cork. Cover it and twist the fat part of the bottle. When you hear the pop, you’ve done it - successfully.

Rotate the bottle until you find the tab at the top. Use this tab to peel off the foil wrapper making sure to leave the cage (the wire device) on the top. Loosen the circular coil on the cage but do not remove the cage. As you loosen the cage, keep a thumb on top of the cork. To remove the cork, hold it firmly but twist the bottle at its lower end. When you hear the pop, the bottle has been successfully opened.

This sommelier advises that about 80 people a year are injured from flying champagne corks. He doesn’t recommend using the tab to remove the foil. Instead he makes three cuts to the foil enabling it to be removed cleanly. Don’t remove the cage. It’s unnecessary and dangerous. Always keep your thumb on the top of the bottle. Hold the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees. This reduces the pressure inside the bottle. Then twist the bottom of the bottle while gently releasing the pressure on the cork. It should give a gentle hiss. If a pop, you’ve opened it too fast.

Use the tab on the neck to remove the foil. Place your thumb on top of the cork. Untwist the cage tab 6.5 turns. Hold the bottle on an angle of 45 degrees. Keeping your thumb on the cork, gently twist the base of the bottle. The cork should come out with a whisper.

Have an ice bucket half-filled and a towel is handy in case of an emergency. There are devices you can use such as the Champagne Express and the Swiftturn but many people prefer to use their hands. Both the tools are shown in their method of opening the bottle. Remove the foil overwrap. Always keep your thumb on the cork when undoing the cage. If you don’t and the bottle is upright, the cork could fly out. It does. Loosen the cage then place her entire hand on top of the cork. Hold the bottle at an angle of 45 degrees and gently turn the base of the bottle. The French call the sound The loving whisper.