What are the advantages of zzysh® Champagne?

By combining a specially developed protective atmosphere, the zzysh® Hand Piece and Stopper will protect your champagne/sparkling wine very effectively from oxidation and changes in aroma, color and taste after opening. In addition, your champagne/sparkling wine stays carbonated and still fizzes even weeks after first opening it. So, you can decide how many bottles you want to open at the same time, and whether you want to drink them right away or enjoy them over the course of a few days.

What tests have been carried out to guarantee that zzysh® really works?

In addition to a wide-ranging test by independent testers, who rated the function and benefits of zzysh® very positively for the most part, zzysh® was tested by several sommeliers worldwide. Wine and champagne bottles were re-closed with zzysh® after opening and were flown around the world to allow the same bottles to be tasted by different, recognized sommeliers. The extremely positive feedback and test results indicate how effective zzysh® is.

Why is there one product for wine and one for champagne? Can’t I use the same one?

Because wine and champagne/sparkling wine are two very different products, they must also be preserved differently.
With wine, this means highly effective protection from oxidation and from changes in aroma, color and taste. With champagne/sparkling wine, there is also the creation of pressure, which keeps the carbonation from disappearing.


Are any measures necessary before using zzysh®?

Check the wine or champagne bottle for damage such as cracked, chipped or crushed glass or inclusions. Don’t use the zzysh® System if the bottle is damaged. This could damage the zzysh® Stopper, or the bottle could burst due to the pressure created for champagne/sparkling wine. 

Ideally, how many bottles of champagne or sparkling wine can I preserve with one zzysh® Champagne Cartridge?

You can preserve up to 4 opened bottles of champagne with one zzysh® Champagne Cartridge. The life expectancy of the zzysh® Champagne Cartridge also depends on how long you put the bottle under pressure and how long zzysh® is used. 

How do I know when there is enough atmosphere in the champagne bottle?

For champagne/sparkling wine, an application time of 3-5 seconds is recommended for maximum protection.
As soon as enough pressure is created in the bottle by the protective atmosphere, it will escape through the little opening in the side of the zzysh® Hand Piece. You will hear a quiet “zzyshing.”

Do I have to pour out the champagne if I accidentally seal the champagne bottle with the zzysh® Wine Cartridge? Is the «wrong protective atmosphere» inside it now?

Using the wrong zzysh® Cartridge is completely harmless. However, the protective effect of zzysh® is not provided with the use of the wrong zzysh® Cartridge, and your champagne/sparkling wine can fizz out and undergo sensory changes. By immediately removing the zzysh® Stopper and sealing it again with the correct zzysh® Cartridge, it is possible to produce the protective effect, depending on the reaction of the champagne/sparkling wine.

How often can I use zzysh® to keep my wine or champagne/sparkling wine fresh? Is there a limit?

Basically, there is no limit. You can open your wine or champagne/sparkling wine as often as you like, enjoy a glass, and keep it completely fresh with zzysh®. 

How should I store bottles that have been closed with zzysh®?

The bottles should only be stored upright and should be refrigerated at around 6°C.

Is there an expiration date for champagne/sparkling wine bottles closed with zzysh®? i.e. how long can you drink the contents of a champagne/sparkling wine bottle that has been closed with zzysh®?

Champagne/sparkling wine has no expiration date, in general. However, the type of champagne, the age, the initial quality, and how long the bottle was open before using zzysh® play important roles. Because not every champagne/sparkling wine goes flat at the same rate or reacts to atmospheric oxygen at the same speed, and thus undergoes sensory changes. zzysh® therefore does not assume any liability for undrinkable champagne/sparkling wine after using zzysh®. With good initial quality and proper operation of zzysh®, an unaltered taste is possible for several weeks.

What’s in the zzysh® Champagne Cartridge?

The zzysh® Champagne Cartridge contains a mixture of 70% argon and 30% carbon dioxide. Both gases are found in the air we breathe and are extracted from the air. Argon is an odor-neutral noble gas that protects your champagne/sparkling wine from oxidation and changes in aroma, color and taste very effectively after opening. The portion of carbon dioxide also keeps your champagne/sparkling wine from going flat.

How should I store my zzysh® Cartridges?

The zzysh® Cartridges are under pressure and should be stored at room temperature in a well-ventilated place. The zzysh® Cartridges should not be exposed to temperatures over 50°C or direct sunlight. This could cause the zzysh® Cartridges to explode.

What happens to the zzysh® Cartridges when they’re empty? Should they be recycled or thrown away?

The zzysh® Cartridges are made of 100% recyclable steel and can be recycled safely in the scrap metal bin. Do not discard zzysh® Cartridges that have not been activated with the zzysh® Hand Piece.

Can I use zzysh® Cartridges from other manufacturers with my zzysh® System?

No. Only use official zzysh® Cartridges with the zzysh® System. The zzysh® Cartridges have been specially designed for the zzysh® System. The use of non-zzysh® Cartridges voids the warranty for your zzysh® System and can lead to personal injury, among other things. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your wine, champagne or sparkling wine will be kept completely fresh.


Should I clean my zzysh® System after each use?

We recommend that you clean the zzysh® Stopper after each use. Clean it under running cold or warm (not hot) water and dry it with a soft cloth. zzysh® products are not dishwasher-safe.

Are zzysh® products dishwasher-safe?

No. zzysh® products are not dishwasher-safe. Please follow the care and cleaning instructions.

How can I clean zzysh®?

Clean the zzysh® Hand Piece with a soft, damp cloth. Clean the zzysh® Stopper under running cold or warm (not hot) water and dry it with a soft cloth.

How should I store my zzysh® products?

Store your zzysh® products at room temperature in a dry place. Protect them from sharp and pointed objects.


Can I take the zzysh® System on an airplane?

The zzysh® System can be carried on board an airplane safely. However, without the zzysh® Cartridge in the zzysh® Hand Piece or spare zzysh® Cartridges. These are considered pressurized containers and are not approved by the aviation security authority. But you can order zzysh® Cartridges and have them shipped to your destination.


The zzysh® Champagne Stopper is difficult to put into the bottle neck. What should I do?

Champagne bottles are a standard size and are thus uniform. Despite this, there may be bottles that deviate from the standard and the zzysh® Champagne Stopper may not fit. This happens most often with sparkling wine and Prosecco bottles. Don’t use zzysh® if the zzysh® Champagne Stopper can’t be inserted properly into the bottle neck and the clamps don’t latch properly. In this case, the pressure created in the bottle can cause the zzysh® Champagne Stopper to shoot out by itself. This can cause injuries.

No protective atmosphere comes out of my zzysh® Hand Piece when pressing on the zzysh® Stopper. What should I do?

Make sure that the zzysh® Cartridge is broached and is screwed into the zzysh® Hand Piece as tightly as possible.
If the protective atmosphere still doesn’t flow out of the zzysh® Hand Piece, make sure that the zzysh® Cartridge isn’t empty. To do this, unscrew the zzysh® Cartridge from the hand piece slowly. If very little or no atmosphere escapes, the zzysh® Cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced. If the problem persists despite the presence of a new, full zzysh® Cartridge, please contact Boyd and Co www.boydandco.com.au sales@boydandco.com.au

My zzysh® Hand Piece seems to have a leak. What should I do?

Make sure that you screw in the zzysh® Cartridge quickly and as tightly as possible. This is the only way to create a tight connection between the zzysh® Cartridge and the zzysh® Hand Piece. If the problem persists, please contact Boyd and Co www.boydandco.com.au sales@boydandco.com.au

Are there any safety instructions I must follow when handling the zzysh® Cartridges?

The zzysh® Cartridges are under high pressure. The use of non-zzysh® Cartridges can lead to personal injuries. Only activate your zzysh® Cartridges with the zzysh® Hand Piece.

Does the pressure in the champagne bottle pose any risks while using zzysh®?

In extraordinarily rare cases, non-standard bottles or damaged, defective bottles may burst due to the pressure and cause injuries. Therefore, only use zzysh® on intact, standard bottles. When reopening the bottle, do not hold your face over the cap. Hold the cap tightly with both hands when opening it, since it can shoot out of the bottle due to the pressure. See your user’s manual.