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How to Use a Champagne Bottle Opener

Anyone who knows the correct way to open a bottle of champagne using their hands will have confidence to tackle this important task.

But if you don’t that knowledge or the experience or skills to do it properly, then a simple device is the answer. In fact it’s the perfect answer.

There are several such devices on the market and the Descorjet Champagne Opener comes highly recommended.


Descorjet Champagne Opener: It’s simple to use

This is the first benefit.

You don’t need years of practice or super skills to operate this clever device.

You’re up and running from the start.

Watching a video online will show you everything there is to know.

And time is another factor.

You can perform the bottle opening in next to no time.

Of course the basic rules of always have a chilled bottle of champagne to start with always applies.

But once the fridge and/or ice bucket has done its job, you’re good to go.

Benefit #2: It Removes Risk

It’s a fact that many people have been injured, some seriously, when a champagne cork has exploded from its bottle and struck an unsuspecting person.

It’s important to understand that the contents of a bottle of champagne are volatile.

This is why the correct handling and opening technique is not so much important as vital.

There is a second major benefit of the Descorjet Champagne Opener.

There is no risk.

The device not only successfully opens your bottle, it acts as a guard preventing any unwanted explosion of the cork.

Your fellow drinkers are safe from harm.

How the Descorject Champagne Bottle Opener Works

It could not be a more simple procedure.

You remove the foil and the cage.

In removing the cage, be sure to place your thumb on top of the cork before you attach the Descorjet Champagne Opener.

Then comes the simple step.

Place the device on the cork over the top of the bottle and squeeze.

The device is so designed to absorb the pressure inside the bottle and remove the cork with safety.

The spring inside the opener absorbs the pressure which normally forces the cork to explode.

No explosion.

The cork is left inside the device and simply drops into your hand.

There’s a simple video which demonstrates the process:


Descorject Champagne Bottle Opener Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed their delight with the Descorjet Champagne Opener.

Some, perhaps a little tongue in cheek, have said it’s saved their plaster walls from flying corks.

Others talk about it being a fabulous gift idea.

Others say it takes the fear out of opening champagne but allows the fun times to keep rolling.

People busy on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and at weddings, find the device is ideal.

Bottles can be opened safely and quickly and help people to get on with their celebrating.

The Descorjet Champagne Opener is an award-winning design and hugely popular.

It is not recommended for opening Bollinger but any other type of champagne or sparkling wine is perfect for this device.