An innovation in wine preserving, the Zzysh Champagne preserver effectively keeps your sparkling wine's fizz, flavour and aroma for up to six months. The ideal gift for the champagne lover in your life. Detail: Using a range of innovative technology, the zzysh Champagne Preserver works by injecting a combination of 100% food safe argon gas and Co2 into the bottle to re-pressurise. The sparkling wine is enveloped and pressurised by this, as well as shielded by the innovative stopper. Aromas, flavour, bubbles and quality are preserved for up to six months.

Display holds 6 units.

How To Use

  1. After pouring, seal the opened bottle with the zzysh® Champagne Stopper (also sold separately), which features an innovative sealing technology, specially designed to work with nearly all types of sparkling wine bottles.
  2. Connect the hand piece to the zzysh® stopper and press down for 3-5 seconds before releasing. The bottle is pressurised by a mixture of 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas, which is stored in the zzysh® Champagne Cartridge. Each cartridge can preserve up to four opened wine bottles.
  3. Your sparkling wine is perfectly protected and should be stored upright, preferably in a refrigerator. Aroma, flavour, colour and quality will be preserved for months. Enjoy the rest of the bottle whenever you want. Again and again.