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How to Keep Wine Longer With a Wine Saver

Wine comes in different varieties as well as different qualities.

Of course what one person enjoys in their wine drinking may not appeal to someone else.

But let’s say we can agree on the wine and its vintage.

We open the bottle and have a drink or two but don’t finish the bottle.

It seems a shame to pour the remaining wine down the sink but that is one option.

I mean even great wine will not keep in excellent condition beyond say three days.

Then the question arises.

How can you keep opened wine ready to drink later?

Can you keep it for longer than two or three days?

Some people reckon popping an opened bottle in the fridge will give you at least two maybe three days of good drinking.

Some drinkers don’t agree and plump for a device.

They argue the Wine Saver will keep their wine drinkable longer than simply by popping it in the fridge.

They say the flavours are maintained and for as long as 4 to 5 days post opening.

That’s a significant claim.

But is it true?

Does the Wine Saver really do that?

What Can a Wine Saver Do For Me?

The first benefit to talk about is the cost.

Ten dollars or thereabouts is about all it costs, so provided it can do the job you want, obtaining a Wine Saver is easy and inexpensive.

We’re very picky when it comes to wine savers.

After months of testing the range we’ve landed on are only the highest quality, no cheaper versions here!

The best way to describe the Wine Saver is to call it a stopper and a pump.

Well it does have a pump type action and you have to supply the labour.

It does have a stopper but one with a difference.

This is not just a cork or cap although it does serve that purpose.

So your bottle has been opened, you’ve consumed some, even most of the wine, but there is still some remaining.

And it is in danger of spoiling.

You see once the bottle is opened, oxygen gets inside and slowly starts to oxidate the remaining wine.

This changes its taste and may even make it unpalatable.

That’s not an issue because your Wine Saver solves the problem.

How Does a Wine Saver Work?

You place the stopper in the open bottle.

You place the pump on top of the stopper, and you start to pump.

This process is removing the oxygen and thus preserving your wine.

If you have only a small amount of wine remaining, you’ll have to pump several times.

If you have, say half a bottle left, fewer pumps are required.

When the pump makes a clicking sound, your job is done.

When you’re ready to drink your wine again, there is a button on top of the stopper.

Push that and the air is released making your wine ready for another day or night of drinking.

It’s easy, inexpensive and can make your wine consumption much more enjoyable.