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How to use a Wine Aerator

Wine lovers will know everything there is to know about decanting their wine.

Once they remove the cork or cap, time is required to allow the wine to breathe.

You should never drink a newly-opened bottle without giving it a chance to come alive.

It should never be rushed.

But what would you think if you could enjoy your wine - any type whether it is red or white - without having to wait?

What if you could decant your wine properly and effectively in seconds?

The aerator does it all

This is where the wine aerator comes into its own.

It is a simple, single device, portable, and capable of making a revolution in the way you prepare and consume wine.

It’s a relatively new device ideal for wine drinking situation.

The aerator is small and lightweight making it ideal to travel almost anywhere.

Wherever you take your wine, pop your aerator in as well.

Have aerator, will travel.

How does a wine aerator work?

Simplicity is its middle name.

Once you remove the cork or cap from your bottle of wine, simply insert the aerator into your bottle.

It’s that easy.

It fits snugly and is ready to go.

The device has three important parts all of which make consumption so much more enjoyable and convenient.

The aerator has:

  • A dual air chamber;
  • A rubber stopper; and
  • A return air valve.

This successful design gives you decanted wine straight from the bottle and a clean, drip free pour.

How many times have you spilt a drop or three when pouring your wine?

How many times have you removed the cork or cap and then decanted the wine leaving it to stand before it is ready to be consumed?

Lots of times is one answer.

All the time is another.

Well, no more.

Allowing your wine to breathe before you drink it is a thing of the past.

Both those issues are issues no more.

Your wine is decanted once you use the aerator and the rubber stopper means your days of dripping wine are over.

There are other benefits as well.

The aerator makes a perfect gift.

If you’re going to a dinner party and would normally take a bottle of wine, here’s a great idea.

Take an aerator as well or instead of the wine.

Your friends will be thrilled to have this sleek and time saving device.

And yes it looks classy as well.

Better tasting wine

It’s essential to aerate and oxidate your wine before drinking.

The aerator allows you to do both in a matter of seconds.

Open the bottle, insert the aerator, pour and be ready to toast.

It’s that simple and that quick.

The design is so ingenious it makes you wonder why it wasn’t developed ages ago.

And of course it works equally as well on every type of wine - red or white, dry, sweet or whatever.

Watch the video to see how elegant it looks and how easy it is to operate.