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What is a Champagne Pourer?

Some drinkers worry they have chosen the wrong wine.

Some are concerned the wine is served at the wrong temperature.

And even others worry about not knowing how to pour their favourite tipple.

Is there a right and wrong way to pour champagne?

How can you stop spilling or wasting it?

‘Do I need to take a course in champagne pouring?

The first tip is to not worry.

There is not necessarily a right and wrong way to pour champagne, and anyone enjoying a drink at home with family or friends should not try and copy a sommelier in a restaurant.

Just because they can easily hold the champagne bottle by its body with a thumb in the dent at the base (known as a punt), means that you should try the same.

In fact the experts advise against such action.

To start with you need strong hands and a very strong thumb.

Can Any Device Help Pour Champagne?

If you do worry about keeping the bubbles in the bottle of champagne, about pouring it correctly and at the same time not spilling any of the precious liquid, use a champagne pourer.

They are easy to fit, simple to use, and by combining your pourer with a champagne saver, you get all the benefits from the one device.

By using the saver with its own pourer, you minimise oxidation of your champagne which results in retaining the bubbles longer, and, as a real plus, you can pour the champers easily without spilling a drop.

This the perfect result.

Champagne Pourers: Variety and Inexpensive

Most stores which sell accessories for alcohol will stock champagne pourers.

They are inexpensive, portable, last a lifetime and do the job you want.

No more spillage and all the liquid is available to drink still with bubbles aplenty.

Many such pourers are available online.

With or Without a Pourer

Yes a champagne pourer will make pouring a breeze with no spillage but even without the device, you should follow a few simple rules re pouring champagne:

  1. Don’t pour rapidly
  2. Don’t fill the glass
  3. Don’t do it in one pour
  4. Don’t aim for the middle

Gentle pouring of champagne is the best option.

Don’t fill the glass to the top but rather aim for about two-thirds full. And finally, pour in stages.

After a first pour of about a third of the glass (usually a flute), wait a few seconds.

Let the champagne settle.

Then repeat the process.

Again, do not overfill the glass.

Some people believe you do the right thing by the bubbles by not pouring the champagne into the middle of a vertical glass.

They suggest you tip the glass and so pour against the side rather than the middle or the base of the glass.

The Pourer’s Benefits

By using a pourer, especially one which is part of a saver, you cannot fail to miss the glass, you certainly keep the bubbles inside longer, and you never have that problem of a dripping champagne bottle.