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How To: Preserve Your Wine Using Zzysh

We all love opening a bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner or celebrate a special occasion, but there’s nothing worse than putting an unfinished bottle back in the fridge only to come back and have to throw it out because it has spoiled. 

Properly preserving your wine is an important part of the wine enjoyment process - so don’t skip it!

Zzysh Preservers

Zzysh wine preservers are the no.1 preservers in the world. They use patented technology to effectively preserve wine so it tastes just as good in a week (or three) as it did when you opened it!

Developed using swiss technology, zzysh’s process relies on the tried-and-true methods of industrial wine and food preserving technologies, which have been used worldwide by winemakers and the food industry for years.

To use, you simply fit the stopper over the mouth of the bottle. Then, connect the handpiece with the stopper and press down for 3 - 5 seconds. The zzysh preserver injects food safe argon gas as well as removes oxygen from the bottle. The result? Your favourite wine stays fresh for weeks to come.

After zzysh-ing, remove the handle and store your wine. Then, when it comes time to enjoy the wine again - it tastes just as good as it did when you first opened the bottle! Bonus: it’s also available for champagne too!

Zzysh preservers can keep wine fresh for 14+ days and is the best way to preserve wine. While there are a number of other products available on the market, once you try zzysh you won't go back!

Cork Method

Some people will try to preserve their wine by simply replacing the cork or screw cap after opening.

While this can stop debris from entering the bottle, it unfortunately doesn’t stop the spoiling process from taking place as oxygen has already entered the bottle. The best case scenario is that it helps to preserve the wine for a few hours or a day.

We definitely think there are better options out there, but if you’re in a pinch, popping the cap or cork back on is better than nothing! 

Vacuum Stoppers

Another option is to use a vacuum stopperThese work by slowing down the oxidation process. 

By creating a firm, vacuum-like seal, it stops any outside air from entering into the wine but importantly, it also removes some oxygen from inside the bottle. 

A stopper such as this will also protect your wine from potential fridge odour or debris.

This method won’t last as long as if you were to use a zzysh preserver but is a great option if you’re planning on finishing the rest of the bottle soon.  Most vacuum stoppers can help preserve wine for 1 - 2 days at most.

Hoping for the best  

We have some bad news, leaving your bottle open and simply placing it in the fridge isn’t going to help as much as you may want it to!

Leaving your bottle exposed to oxygen will alter the flavour and aroma of the wine, essentially spoiling the rest of the bottle. We recommend always preserving your wine properly to make the most of your favourite drop!

We are proud to be Australia’s authorised distributors for zzysh products. You can shop the full range here.