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Argon Gas vs Vacuum Seals: What’s best?

When it comes to preserving your favourite bottle of wine, it’s important to hold on to as much flavour and aroma as possible. Preserving your wine properly will mean you can enjoy it to its full potential in days or weeks to come.  The last thing you want is to waste a drop of your favourite drop! 

Benefits of Argon Gas

Argon gas is frequently used by winemakers to preserve wine and lock in flavour and aroma.

When used with a quality wine preserver, argon gas sits like a ‘cloud’ on top of the wine - effectively stopping any oxygen from entering the bottle or the wine itself. By doing so, it’s protecting the wine from oxygen which could cause the wine to spoil.

Argon gas is a popular choice when it comes to wine preservation as it’s food safe, won’t alter the flavour profile of the wine and can keep the wine fresh for weeks.

Zzysh is the world’s no. 1 wine preservers, which utilises argon gas (alongside its patented technology) to effectively preserve wine with ease.

How does argon gas work in wine preservation?

The reason argon gas is so widely used in preservation is because of how simple and effective it is. Filling your bottle with a pure atmosphere of argon (an inert gas) replaces the oxygen which can damage your wine and settles over the top of the liquid, just like a protective cushion over the surface.

Don’t worry - you don’t have to be a scientist to get your hands on argon gas or use it with your wine! When utilising a wine preserver such as zzysh, it couldn’t be more simple to enjoy the benefits of argon.

To use, you simply fit the zzysh stopper over the mouth of the bottle. Then, connect the handpiece with the stopper and press down for 3 - 5 seconds. The zzysh preserver injects the food safe argon gas (as well as removes oxygen from the bottle). The result? Your favourite wine stays fresh for weeks to come.

After zzysh-ing, just remove the preserver unit and store your wine upright. Then, when it comes time to enjoy the wine again - it tastes just as good as it did when you first opened the bottle! Bonus: it’s also available for champagne too!

Zzysh preservers can keep wine fresh for 14+ days and is the best way to preserve wine. While there are a number of other products available on the market, once you try zzysh you won't go back!

How is it different from using a traditional vacuum seal?

Many people may wonder why using argon gas is superior to traditional vacuum seals. While there are differing opinions on the topic, the biggest difference is that vacuum seals attempt to remove some oxygen from the bottle, but don’t protect the wine from all oxygenUsing the vacuum system to extract the oxygen keeps the wine good for a couple of days as long as you have correctly extracted as much oxygen as possible.

As most wine lovers would know, oxidation is the single easiest way to ruin a wine’s flavour profile - which is why we prefer argon gas when it comes to keeping our favourite drops safe.

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