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The 10 Best Wine Accessories and Gifts 2021

Choosing a gift for the wine lover in your family or friendship group can be a tough job. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Wine Accessories 2021

So you can have a look at the best wine accessories available and make the perfect gift choice, or even better spoil yourself!

Buying wine accessories can be very confusing because there is just so much choice out there, but it’s okay, we’ve figured it out for you below!

Best Wine Accessories 2021 

Choosing a wine accessory gift is hard.

The first thing you will need to determine when buying a wine accessory for another person is what their drink of choice is.

Do they drink red wine, white wine, champagne or port wine?

Once you have determined the drink type, just like a good cheese with red wine, you need to match with the correct wine accessory.

Below is the table which shows the top 10 best wine accessories 2021.

Each and every wine accessory was chosen by our wine specialists and has been matched to the drink it can be used with.

You can read our full detailed reviews in the sections below the table. 



Wine Accessory Name Type Preview Drink to use with Popularity Price
1. Legacy Corkpops Bottle opener
Corkpops Legacy
Red wine, white wine ***** $$$$
2. Descorjet Champagne Opener Champagne bottle opener
Descorjet champagne opener
Champagne, sparkling white wine **** $$$$
3. Nicholas VinOair Aerator Wine aerator
VinOair aerator
Red wine, white wine **** $$
4. Nicholas Collection VinOice Wine Chiller Wine chiller
VonOice wine chiller
While wine, champagne, sparkling white wine **** $$$
5. Vin Bouquet Champagne Stopper/Pourer Stopper & Pourer champagne pourer stopper Champagne, Sparkling wine *** $
6. zzysh Champagne preserver Preservation
zzysh champagne preserver
Champagne, Sparkling wine **** $$$$$
7. zzysh Wine Preserver Preservation
zzysh wine preserver
Red wine, white wine **** $$$$$
8. Nicholas VinOstream Nicholas VinoStream Nicholas VinoStream Red wine, white wine *** $$$
9. Nicholas Vacuum Wine Saver Wine savers
Corkpops wine saver
Red wine, white wine **** $$
10. Vino 911 Red Wine Stain Remover Spray Stain remover spray
Stain remover
Red wine **** $


Well, now without wasting any more wine drinking time, let’s jump on to our top 10 best wine accessories list.


1.Legacy Corkpops Bottle Opener

Corkpops Legacy

Our first and most popular wine accessory is the Legacy Corkpops.

An absolute must have gadget for the red and white wine lover who has a collection of nice old wines from the days of cork bottles.

The Legacy Corkpops bottle opener is by far the most popular automatic cork screw bottle opener on the market and with good reason - it’s easy to use and you get fantastic results every time.

It has a long needle in the centre which is there to puncture the cork wine bottle you wish to open.

It actually removes the cork by pushing pressurised gas.

Eliminating the risk of broken cork ending up in your next expensive bottle of wine!

You can get around 50 bottles opened (depends on gas usage) Legacy comes with one cartridge and you can buy refills online.

The Corkpop Legacy also comes with a four blade cutter to help cut through the foil.

Drinks: Red, White


Easy to use

Impress your friends

Reduces corks breaking in your expensive wine

One refill cartridge will open around 50 bottles of wine


Needs refills (very affordable)

2. Descorjet Champagne Opener

Descorjet champagne opener

Avoid making a scene with the loud pop of a champagne bottle with the Descorjet Champagne Opener.

The product is relatively simple in construction, a levered trigger with a funnel and stopper.

Using the Descorjet champagne opener is as easy as:

  • Removing the foil and wire
  • Slip the champagne opener over the exposed cork top
  • Squeezing the trigger
  • Slide off the cork

The main benefit of using the Descorjet Champagne Opener is the silence.

No loud pops to startle dinner guests or ruin important function speeches!

Drinks: Champagne


Easy to use

Sleek design

Safe champagne cork removal


Silent champagne cork removal (for the party animals that like their champagne to go off with a bang!)

3. Nicholas VinOair Aerator

VinOair aerator

There’s nothing worse than wasting good wine by having it drip down the side of your glass or the bottle that it came from.

The Nicholas VinOair Aerator is a clever wine gadget which allows you not not only eliminate drips but also aerates your wine for maximum quality and flavour!

It features a dual air chamber, rubber stopper and return air valve which allows a non-drip wine pour!

The VinOair Aerator is super easy to use. Once you’ve removed your cork, simply insert the VinOair Aerator directly into the bottle.

Then all you have to do is smoothly pour yourself a glass of your favourite drop.

Basically you’ve decanted your wine but it only takes seconds.

You’ll notice that there will be a number of bubbles in your wine once you’ve poured it from the aerator, this is just proof that you wine has aerated!

Drinks: White wine, Red wine


Easy to operate

Reduces wine drips (on bottle, glass, table, clothes)

Aerates wine to improve flavour

Compact design


No filter included but is available as an accessory or look at the VinOair Premier which includes the filter

4. Nicholas Collection VinOice - Wine Chiller

VonOice wine chiller

Don’t let hot weather ruined your chilled white wine again with the VinOice Wine Chiller.

The VinOice stainless steel rod is placed in the freezer at least two hours before serving.

Place your wine in the fridge for chilling.

When the wine is chilled and your ready to drink the wine with friends, pour everyone a glass and then place the stainless steel rod in the bottle.

The Wine Chiller keeps the wine chilled without affecting the bouquet of the wine and eliminates the need for messy ice buckets to keep your wine cool.

No more dripping water on the table or floor and no more wine labels coming off their bottle.

Drinks: White wine, Red wine (chilled only)


Simple design


Easy to use

Gravity lid

No need to buy ice

No embarrassing condensation dripping


Needs to be placed in the freezer 2 hours prior to drinking


5. Vin Bouquet Champagne Stopper/Pourerchampagne pourer stopper

Who doesn’t love a 2 in 1 wine accessory!

The Vin Bouquet Champagne Stopper and Pourer helps prevent that annoying situation that you often getting when pouring champagne where the bubbles overflow out of your bottle.

You just need to place the sleek designed stopper into your champagne bottle and it’s ready to pour when you are.

Not more having to screw off the stopper anytime you want to have another glass of champagne.

Drinks: Champagne (or sparkling white wine)


Easy to use

Hand washable

Built in stopper

No need to take lids on and off


Will not save the champagne over night, but then again why would there be any champagne left.

6. zzysh® Champagne Preserver

zzysh champagne preserver

This the No.1 sparkling wine preserver* around the world. It pressurizes the opened bottle with a mixture of 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas to preserve the natural taste and fizz.

  1. Your opened bottle gets pressurized with a mixture of 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas. Argon is the 3rd most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere and creates no reaction with sparkling wine. Each zzysh® Champagne cartridge preserves up to 4 bottles.
  2. Pressurized by this argon/CO2 gas atmosphere as well as shielded by the innovative zzysh® Champagne stopper, the sparkling wine is perfectly protected from oxidation and loss of fizz. The stopper works with a wide variety of sparkling wine bottles.
  3. Savor your sparkling wine by the glass and enjoy the rest of the bottle whenever you want. Again and again.

Drink: Champagne, Sparkling wine


Easy to use

Save Champagne for later

Save flavour


Have to replace canisters


7. zzysh® Wine Preserver

zzysh wine preserver

zzysh® Wine is the No.1 wine preserver* around the world. It replaces the harmful oxygen in a bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas to keep it fresh for weeks. We say cheers! Again and again.

  1. The Air in an opened bottle is replaced with 100% food-grade argon gas. Argon is the third most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere and creates no reaction with wine. Each zzysh® Wine cartridge preserves up to 8 wine bottles.
  2. Enveloped by this argon gas atmosphere, and shielded by the innovative zzysh® Wine Stopper, the wine is perfectly protected from oxidation. The stopper fits on all kinds of wine bottles. Note: There’s no vacuum created in the bottle.

  3. Savor your wine by the glass and enjoy the rest of the bottle whenever you want. Again and again.

Drink: Wine


Easy to use

Save Champagne for later

Save flavour


Have to replace canisters

8. Nicholas VinoStream


The fastest and easiest way to aerate wine, the Nicholas VinoStream by Cork Pops is an aerator and dispenser in one eleganlty designed device. The soft rubber seal creates an air tight steal, allowing it to be left on open wine bottles throughout the night.

To use, simply insert the tube into the hole on the on the bottom of the stopper, insert the VinoStream into the bottle and place the Cork Pops air cartridge in the top firmly.

Then, dispensing the perfect glass is as easy as pressing down on the cartridge. Hand washing recommended.

Drinks: Red, White


Simple to install

Easy to aerate wine, no pouring required, simply push to fill your glass again


Needs refills (very affordable), so keep some spares.

9. Nicholas Vacuum Wine Saver

Corkpops wine saver

Are you sick of pouring good wines down the sink because they go off in the fridge after a couple of days?

Well stop, you can increase the fridge life of your favourite wines with a wine saver!

These inexpensive gadgets are in two parts:

  • Stoppers (2); and
  • A Pump.

The stopper is inserted in the wine bottle and the pump is used to suck the remaining air out of the bottle, which helps preserve your favourite bottle of leftover wine that little bit longer.

By using the Nicholas Vacuum Wine Saver you can extend the drinkable life of your refrigerated wine to 3-4 days.

Drink: Red or white wine


Easy to use

Preserves the life of your wine by another couple of days.



10. Vino 911 Red Wine Stain Remover Spray

Stain remover

Nothing can ruin a fun night drinking red wine like a red wine stain!

This is what makes the Vino 911 red wine stain remover a must have for the serious red wine drinker in your family.

The Vino 911 can remove almost any red wine stain with ease, simply spray on the red wine stain, blot the excess clean with a clean cloth and then leave to dry.

The spray starts working instantly and most stains will be removed within just a few minutes.

The small spray bottle is the perfect size to fit in handbags and take on a winery tour.

The stain remover spray is made from all natural ingredients and is perfect for your next red wine emergency!

Drink: Red wine


Compact spray bottle which is easy to carry in bags

Fast acting

No smelly chemicals

Naturally made


Won’t remove all red wine stains.